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~ Magic Spells ~

Almost from the beginning of Christianity, its followers have belived in and used certain ritual practices to obtain help in their times of need. Prayers alone are often used and they sometimes obtain the desired result. There are many other instances, however, (even mentioned in the Bible) when a specific procedure (ie.magic) must be used to achieve one's objective.

We have only to recall Moses using a certain act to produce a serpent from his staff or water from stone, Joshua had his men engage in precise activities days before the felling of Jericho's walls and Jesus gave specific instructions to the blind man to return his sight. Christianity has also held that there exists a communion, or community, of saints who, though deceased, can intercede for those still in the flesh.

Even the Sacraments of the Church have a magcal aspect to them. For example, one can't just take a swig of Four Roses and take bite of Wonder Bread and expect that he has partaken of the Body and Blood of Christ. That mystery can only be done by a priest and only through a specific consecration ritual. Even the Protestants have their magical beliefs (though they may deny it), eg. why must one "come forward" at a revival service, if they believe, have repented, etc.

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Powers Of The Saints

Powers Of The Psalms

Powers Of Novenas

Christian Magic - Misc.


Miraculous Intercessions Of The Saints

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† Saints & Miracles

While many Protestants may deny this, there is historical and Biblical precedent, eg. the appeaance of Abraham and Moses at Christ's Transfiguration, Jesus's promise to the thief on the cross, the numerous appearances of Mary, etc. There are also many testimonials of people who have been helped by the intercession of this or that particular saint. As a matter of fact, no candidate for sainthood can be canonized without a minimum number of miracles attributed his/her intercession.

† Saints & Special Intercessions

It is believed that any saint, or any Christian for that matter, can pray for any given need on one's behalf. Experience has indicated, however, that certain saints seem to have better results with a particular problem than others. Often this arises out of that saint's own trials while on Earth, eg. a saint who was blinded may be helpful for eye problems, a poor saint may empathize with those impoverished, etc. When invoked, a saint may intercede more fervently for a problems with which s/he is most familiar.

§ Roman Precedent

The use of particular saints for particular problems most likely comes from the ancient Roman religion. When a Roman asked a god or goddess for a certain favor, s/he would cite previous instances, either personal or historical, where that particular favor had been granted by that deity. Also, the public posting of notices granted intercessions arises from Roman custom. So, if you are granted your request through the intercession of a god or saint, do not neglect to make a thanks offering and to acknowledge their help before others.

For special intercessions from the saints go to Saints.


The Psalms For Devotion And Power

~ ~ ~

Anyone who has been brought up in a Christian tradition or even is familiar with our Western culture, either knows or, at least, has heard the 23rd Psalm. It's the Psalm that the padre is reading as the man is going to his execution in those old prison movies. It is the most well known of the Psalms and has been a source of comfort to many in peril over the centuries.

Many of the Psalms were written by David (some by others). They were sort of prayers to their god. They expressed the author's feelings and petitions to God in a wide variety of situations. They have also been read by many when in times of need. It is believed that if God answered David's prayers, then if we say the same prayer, we also might obtain God's grace.

To learn which Psalms are used for specific needs, go to Psalms.


Novenas For Devotion & Intercession

~ ~ ~

Novenas are a series of devotional prayers, often for special needs and intents. They are generally associated with the number nine, but have also been said in other frequencies, ie. seven. Some novenas, such as to the Infant Jesus of Prague for urgent needs, do require the prayers be said for nine consecutive hours, for nine consecutive days. However done, the use of repetitious devotions over time are said to increase the possibility of obtaining a favorable response to one's petition.

For special purpose novenas, go to Novenas.

Christian Magic


~ Working With The Saints ~

When asking the Saints to intercede on your behalf, it's most important to be sincere in your petition. furthermore, it is not wise to ask for that which would be against that particular saint's nature or principals. It is most helpful to think through your request very thoroughly, perhaps even writing it down. Some saints are very appreciative of gifts, sometimes before you make your request, sometimes after and sometimes both.

Usually, one's prayers for interession are accompanied by the burning of candles. Often, simple votive candles are sufficient, but 7 day novena candles of a color appropriate to the saint is even more effective. In addition, some saints have special oils for anointing their candle. Many people also wear the medal of a saint, partcularly their patron saint, and carry a prayer card with the picture and prayer to the saint whose intercession is sought.

† The Saints (O.L.= "Our Lady of ...")

St.Anthony Of Padua - Find lost objects, works wonders.

St.Barbara - For love and friendship, conquer enemies.

St.Bernadette - For healing.

Charity, O.L. - Protection of home, find lover, bring prosperity.

St.Christopher - Protection during travel.

St.Dymphna - For mental disorders, demonic possession.

St.Expeditus - Settle disputes, for pressing needs.

Guadelupe, O.L. - Overcome fear, protection from jinxes.

Guardian Angel - Protect self and children from danger and evil spirits.

Infant Jesus Of Atocha - Be free from punishment, guilt and sin.

St.Joseph - find job, sell or rent house.

St.Jude - For impossible situations.

St.Lazarus - Healing and Sickness.

St.Martin De Porres - For comfort, health, friends - good life.

St.Martin Caballero - Business, draw customers.

St.Michael - Overcome obstacles, defeat enemes, remove evil.

Mercy, O.L. - Studies, mental clarity

Miraculous Mother - Bring good things of life.

Perpetual Help, O.L. - When in need of help.

St.Peter - Open roads, bring opportunities for success.

St.Ramond - Stop gossip and slander, silence enemies.

St.Raphael - "The Healer of God".

Sacred Heart Of Jesus - Blessed, peaceful life.

Sacred Heart Of Mary - Serenity and spiritual blessings.

Seven African Powers/Saints - All purpose, to solve problems,

The above list is only a brief list of the more popular saints whose intercession is sought. To learn more about the Saints, read DEVOTIONS TO THE SAINTS By Anna Riva which is available at Bayou Saint John Products along with saints' novena candles, medals, prayer cards, rosaries, etc. To visit our Catalog Page.


~ Praying With The Psalms ~

The Psalms are an ideal prayer book, because there seems to be a Psalm for almost every intent or situation. When using the Psalms for a desired solution or result, it helps if one adds other devotional acts, eg. burning a candle and/or incense. While this is not always necessary, every act of devotion conveys one's sincerity. Some Psalms do require special acts of devotion to accompany their reading. When reading the Psalm, do it in a reverent, meditative manner - a hurried reading may bring a haphazard result, or no result at all.

† Some Psalms For Times Of Need

Psalm #:

64 - Accidents, To avoid ...

64 - Enemies, Protection from ...

29 - Demons, To exorcise ... (Verse 1).

7 - Hex, - To break ... (Verse 1-10).

94 - Justice, For ... to triumph.

65 - Luck - For ... in all of one's affairs.

111 - Love, - To attract ... (Verse 4).

119 - Money, - To attract ... (Verse 17-24).

129 - Oppression - Escape from ...

30 - Sickness, - Recovery from ... (Verse 11-12).

29 - Storm, For protection from ... (Verse 3-4).

132 - Worldly Goods, - To acquire ... (Verse 12-18).

The above list is only a very brief list of Psalms for special purpses. To learn more about the Psalms and the means of using their magical powers, read, POWERS OF THE PSALMS By Anna Riva or SUCCESS AND POWER THROUGH THE PSALMS By Donna Rose. Both books are available through the Bayou Saint John Catalog Page.


~ Novenas For Special Intents ~

Among our most popular items, at Bayou St. John, are our Seven Day Novena Candles. These are candles, in glass, which are designed to burn for seven consecutive days. When using these candles, each day, for seven days, one is pray before the Novena candle the prayer(s) for that saint and intent. Usually the prayer(s) are printed on the glass container. It is best to say the novena paryer(s) at the same time each day.

When praying your novena, make the sign of the cross (†) and say "† In the Name of the Father, The Son, and The Hoy Spirit. † Amen.", before and after your novena prayer(s). When your petition is granted be sure to keep any vow that you may have made and to publish a notice of thanksgiving.

† Novena Prayers (To Use With Candles)

St.Barbara - Oh St.Barbara, As your last words to Christ Jesus, before the sword severed your head from your body, were that all those who invoked His Holy Name in memory of you, may find their sins forgotte on the Day of Judgement. Help me in my tribulations, console me in my afflictions and interecede for me and for my family in our needs. Amen (Concentrate on your petition).

St.Expedito - Oh, Glorious Martyr and Protector, St.Expedito! We humbly ask to have fortune and prosperity for our country, that the sick get well, the guilty get pardoned, the just be preserved and those who abandon this valley of tears rest in the Light of The Lord and the souls of the dearly departed rest in peace. † (Mention your request). Amen

St.Jude - Most Holy Apostle, St. Jude, Faithful Servant And Friend Of Jesus, pray for me who am so despaired in this hour of great need. Bring visible and speedy help for I promise you, O Blessed St.Jude to be ever mindful of this great favor. I will never cease to honor you as my most special, most powerful patron. Amen.

St.Lazarus - Oh Blessed Saint Lazarus, Patron of the Poor, I believe in you and call on your most holy spirit to grant me my favor. † In The Name Of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. I trust in your infinite goodness to intercede for me through Jesus Christ, Our Lord to grant me this petition (mention petition). Amen

Miraculous Mother - Oh, Miraculous Mother! With inspired confidence I call upon thee to extend thy merciful, loving kindness so that thy powers of perpetual help will protect me and assist me in my needs and difficulties. Please grant me my desire. Amen (Mention petition).

St.Michael - Oh Gorious Archangel St. Michael, watch over me during all my life. Defend me against the assaults of the demon. Assist me, especially at the hour of my death. Obtain for a favorable judgement and help me in all my needs. Amen.

O.L.-Perpetual Help - Oh Mother of Perpetual Help, grant that I may ever invoke thy most powerful name. O purest Mary, O sweetest Mary, let thy name henceforth be ever on my lips. Delay not, O Blessed Lady, to help me whenever I call on thee. For in all my needs, in all my temtations, I shall never cease to call on thee, ever repeating thy sacred name, Mary, Mary. I will not be content with merely pronouncing thy name, but let my love for thee prompt me ever to hail thee, Mother Of Perpetual Help. Amen

Seven African Powers - Oh, Seven African Powers, who so close to Our Divine Savior, with great humility I kneel before you and implore your intercession before The Almighty. Hear my etition that I may glory in your powers to protect me, to help me and provide for my needs. Amen.

† Miscellaneous Christian Magic

Rose Of Jericho

The Rose Of Jericho, which is truly an amazing plant, sometimes called The Resurrection Plant. When you receive your plant, it will appear to be a dead. When placed in water, however, this plant miraculously comes back to life. What was once dry and grayish-brown will unfold as a rich green living plant.

It is said to also have miraculous to those who believe in it and use it to testfy on Christ's resurrection. It has been known, through one's faith, to restore peace and harmony to the home, bring prosperity to one's self and family, and to draw many of the other good things in life. Just through caring for the plant, prayer and your faith.

Upon receiving The Rose Of Jericho, you must place it in a saucer or bowl of water ( covering the bottom of the plant) at the day and time indicated in the instructions. At the same time each day touch the plant with faith and pray the prayer given in the instructions. Once each week change the water by pouring it out in a crescent on your doorstep to bring protection and blessing to your home. Also, sprinkle the door to your home with its water to remove evil infleunces. You can also cross yourself with its water as you would with Holy Water for personal blessing.

You can order your Rose Of Jericho From Bayou Saint John Products.

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