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We are NOT taking orders for products at this time -- Do not attempt to order from our catelog page!

Occult, Voodoo, Santeria, Psychic, New Age, Wicca, Witchcraft

BAYOU ST. JOHN PRODUCTS is a mail-order & e-mail supplier of high quality occult and botanical goods. We serve those who practice Christianity, Magick, Paganism, Santeria, Voodoo, Wicca, and other spiritual paths.

~ New Catalog! ~

We have updated our Bayou Saint John Products Catalog Page. We now have our entire printed catalog online. This means that you will no longer have, or be able, to send $2.00 by "snail mail" to get our complete line of products. We will still be able to special order some items that are not part of our regular inventory.

We Carry The Following Type Products:

For Quality Occult Products

Visit our BAYOU ST. JOHN Catalog.

~ Now In Place! ~

~ Our New Expanded Bayou Saint John Catalog ~

� Now In Printable Format �

~ We've be placed our entire catalog online. No need to send for our printed catalog - it is now linked to this page! You can view our new Catalog Page and make out your wish list. Then go to our Order Page and place your order.

���We are sorry that, due to the cost of preparing and sending our printed catalog, we can no offer the printed catalog.


Our policy is to give our customers good value for their money. We offer our products and services at the lowest rate necessary to recover our costs and to compensate our workers for their knowledge, skill, time and labor.

NOTICE:We sell our products as traditional & folk curios only and we make no claim as to their magical efficacy. Know that, "The Real Magic Is Within!"

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~ ~ ~ Information ~ ~ ~

We want our site(s) to be more than just a place to order our products and services. We also want to entertain, enlighten and educate our visitors and customers. To those purposes, we will be adding to our pages, from time to time. For now, we invite you to visit the pages listed below:

Religions & Traditions Of Voodoo, Santer�a, Etc.

Religion & Tradition Of Witchcraft Or Wicca

Magical Working Through Christianity: Saints, Etc.

Tools & components Of Gris-Gris, Magic & Spells

Image Magic & Voodoo Dolls

Other Information Sites

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