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Gris-Gris, Magic & Spells

1998 By John R. Milam

Voodoo, Magick, Hex, Witchcraft, Wicca, Santeria

Their Tools & Components

We will not deal extensively with the laws of magic and spellworking here. As most of our regular customers know, the greater the number of associations and closer the similarities of those associations the greater the chance of the work being successful. This is in accordance with the Law of Association and the Law of Similarities. Our products are designed to enhance such associations and similarities. They also contain whatever accumulated power that may be attributed to traditional formulae.

~ Candles ~

Candles are one of the most widely used tools of magical working. They are not used as a source of light, but also it is believed that they enhance the magical efficacy of the spell. Sometimes they are even used as the sole tool of the magical work. When used magically, the particular candle is chosen for its color, shape or ingredients (other than wax & dye) contained in the candle.

~ Herbs ~

Herbs have been used magically for centuries. Herbs are often selected for their properties of taste, smell, color, and even shape (as in the case of the mandrake root). Some have been so long associated with certain results, that the origin of such association has been long since forgotten.

~ Incenses ~

Incenses have played a significant role in both religious and magical ritual. Certain scents are believed to have magical effect, but that is not all there is to incenses. Incenses may contain other ingredients which contribute little to the scent, but are still considered create a powerful ambiance that attracts certain desired effects.

~ Oils ~

Oils are a major component of the magical worker or gris-gris person's stock & trade. The thing that makes oils so popular is their flexibility of use. Oils can be worn, smeared or sprikled. Unlike incenses, waters or powders, they have lingering effect. Oils are a convient and lasting way of transmitting the essences of magical herbs.

~ Powders & Sachets ~

Powders have been used for centuries by those who practice magic. They may consist of herbs, minerals and/or chemicals. Some powders, like oils, are worn by the person hoping to produce a magical result. Others are sprinkled about the user's home or in his/her personal items (eg. a purse for money). Sometimes, when harm is desired to another an appropriate powder will be dusted on the enemy's doostep or the path upon which he must tread.

~ Traditional Meanings & Magical Uses ~

~ Candle Shapes ~

~ Colors In Magic ~

Some Traditional Uses Of

Oils, Incenses, Powders, Etc.


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