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~ Instructions For Voodoo Dolls ~

~ Genreral Instructions ~

First you must consecrate the doll by writing its name (an appropriate name that you give it, eg. "Ruin _______") on the tag provided. Pin the tag to the doll and anoint your doll with a few drops of the appropriate oil (provided with Special Purpose Voodoo Dolls).
Cast the spell by chanting the prayer, or hex, while pulling the red cord (also provided with SPV Dolls) tighter about the doll.
Always store the doll in a safe place, away from being handled or seen by others. When you have achieved your desire, thank the doll for its help, give it a proper funeral, and respecfully bury or cremate it.

~ Specific Instructions ~

Curse An Enemy - Chant the following (3x):
(Name), (Name), I wish to you,
A tumble in a smoking stew,
Bedbugs eat you every night,
All goes wrong and nothing right.

Stick needle(s) (pins with black heads and "Coffin Nails"* work very well for this) in the doll (near the liver region) and store in a safe place.

To enhance the curse, you might want to burn black candle(s)*, anointed with "Black Art" oil*, during your ritual. You also might want to cast some "Graveyard Dirt"* on the doorstep of your subject's home or office or on something s/he would touch.

* These items, while they might enhance the effects, are not necessary for the basics needed to work your Special Purpose Voodoo Doll and they, except for the Black Art oil, are not included with Doll. We, at Bayou Saint John, do sell the above mentioned items la carte.

1999 by Raven Psychic Center
Rev. 1 mai 2000