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~ Money Voodoo Doll ~

~ Instructions ~

Enclosed:    This spell is best done after sunset on Thursday evening to blend the vibrations of Jupiter (Thurs.) & Venus (Fri.). Once begun it should be repeated 7 times - either for 7 consecutive days or every Thurs. evening for 7 consecutive weeks. The doll, however, only has to be consecrated once.
   To Consecrate Your Money Doll; Anoint the candle with a little Money Oil & place in candle holder. Light the candle. Name the Doll something symbolizing the money you want and write name on the Tag. Pin the Tag & Red Cord on the spot marked "X" on your Doll. Take the doll, dab 3 drops of Money Oil on it and say,
"Oh blessed creature of cloth and cord, thou art now a fetch to will bring me the money that I need and desire. As my word, so it shall be!"
   Now say the following:
"Mighty Father, Gracious Mother, All Saints and Papa John, help bring me money because I need it to pay bills and to make a better life for myself (and my family). Amen!"
   Now hold the Doll Up the heavens and repeat 3 times:           Bring me silver, bring me gold,
          Bring me dollars hot or cold,
          I need money, money now,
          Want it quick, don't ask me how.
   Extinguish the candle. Kiss the Doll and put it in a safe place where others will not handle it.
   For each repetition: Take your Doll, light the candle and begin ritual with the prayer "Mighty Father ... ." (Continue as above from that point - no need to reconsecrate your Doll). After the initial 7 days ritual, you can use the Doll to renew its efforts on your behalf by taking it from its place, anointing it with Money Oil, kissing it and telling what you want.
   The Doll is good for 3 to 6 months. After the Doll's alleged powers have expired, give it a small funeral and cremate (burn) it. This funeral can be of your own design, but it must give thanks and respect to the Doll.
   The above is in accord with traditional folk uses of Money Voodoo Dolls. We make no claim of magical efficacy, but merely pass on to you information about traditional folk magic.

May your life be blessed!
Papa John

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