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Boss Fix Spell Kit

~ Instructions ~

Included: Purple Candle, "Boss Fix" Oil, "Boss Fix" Powder and these Instructions.
   To work this spell according to tradition, begin doing the ritual on a Thursday or a Saturday. Begin by anointing the purple candle with the oil, then light it and visualize the situation with your boss or at work as you would like it to be. Once you have the ideal image in focus, take a deep breath and quickly exhale seeing your image go into the cosmos to do its work. On your next day at work sprinkle some of the Boss Fix powder around your work area and, also, where your boss will ether have to step on it or will touch it, eg. his doorway, around his desk, in his chair, etc. Give this spell at least a week to work, before doing it over, if necessary.

Rev. 8 décembre 1999