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Occult Products ~ Wicca ~ Witchcraft ~ Books ~ Spells ~ Santería ~ Voodoo Supplies.

   This page lists only a few of the most popular items and titles that are contained in our online and printed B.S.J. Catalog, which you will receive with your first order.
NOTICE: We sell our products as traditional and folk curios only. We make no claims as to any magical efficacy.


Books ($6.00 - $12.50): Candle Burning Magic, Magic With Incense and Powders, Modern Herbal Spellbook, Modern Witchcraft Spellbook, Powers Of The Psalms, ABC Of Witchcraft, Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, Famous Voodoo Rituals - Spells, Golden Secrets Of Mystic Oils, Gypsy Witch Magic Spells, Rituals and Spells Of Santería, Santería: African Magic, Way Of The Orisha, Voodoo & Hoodoo.

Card Decks (Tarot, etc.) ($10.00 - $22.00): Art Nouveau Tarot, Baraja Español (50 Cartas), Gypsy Witch Cards, Moon Garden Tarot, Old Path, St. Petersburg Russian Tarot, Universal Waite Tarot, New Orleans Voodoo Tarot Set ($30.00).

~ Mojo Bags, Spell Kits, Voodoo Dolls ~

7 Sisters Of New Orleans Mojo Bags ($10.00 ea): Better Health, Keep Away Evil, Love, Money, Power, Protection.

Spell Kits (w/Instr.) ($6.50 ea): Attraction, Boss Fix, Come To Me, Helping Hand, Job, Money Drawing, Reversible, Uncrossing.

Special Purpose Voodoo Dolls* ($10.00 ea) Attract Love, Bring Health, Bring Money, Curse An Enemy, For Protection, Remove Jinx, Win In Court.
   *Each Special Purpose Voodoo Doll comes with Traditional Voodoo doll, instructions and the appropriate spiritual oil or powder to prepare or 'dress' your doll.

Plain Voodoo Doll (w/Instr.) ($7.00 ea)


Black Salt, Galangal Root, Rose Of Jericho, Lodestone Pairs, Magnetic Sand.


   Powders may be sprinkled where the subject will step or touch, they may be sprinkled in handbags, or worn on one's person, depending on the purpose.

Special Powders ($3.50 ea): Boss Fix, Come To Me, Confusion, Crossing, Get/Go Away, Restless, Money Drawing, Success.

Misc. Powders/Dusts ($4.50 ea): Graveyard Dirt, Weed Of Misfortune.


Herb Baths ($4.50 ea): Dispell Jinx, Money Drawing, Spiritual Healer, Take Away Evil.

Bath Crystals (4oz.Jar) ($4.50 ea): Adam and Eve, Fast Luck, High John Conq., Love and Affection, Money Drawing, Psychic Powers, Wealth and Success.

Waters, Etc.($4.00 ea.): Four Thieves Vineger, Holy Water (Blessed), War Water.


Some of our most popular icense and oil titles: Attraction, Better Business, Court Case, Guardian Angel, Jinx Removing, Job, Lovers, Money Drawing, Peaceful Home, Power, Protection, Psychic Powers, Reversible, Road Opener, Steady Work, Success, Uncrossing, Wealthy Way.


Special Oils ($3.50 ea) - Premium Oils ($6.00 ea):


Powder Incense (Self-Lighting) ($3.50 ea)

Incense Sticks (22/pk.) ($3.50 ea): Come To Me, Controlling, Love Me, Money Drawing.


7 Day Novena (In Glass) ($6.50 ea): Our Lady Of Perpetual Help, Guardian Angel, Miraculous Mother, St. Barbara, St. Expeditus, St. Lazarus, St. Michael, St. Jude, 7 African Powers

Image Candles ($4.50 ea): Male - Pink, Red; Female - Pink, Red; Cat - Black; Crucifix Altar - White.

Premium Image Candles $6.50 -$8.00) Marriage (Red, Blk), Skull (Red/Blk/Grn/Wht), Male Gender* (Red/Blk), Female Gender* (Red/Blk).
   * Must be Age 18 or older to purchase this item.


Inks - Dove's Blood, Dragon's Blood Ink ($4.00 ea); Crucifix w/Chain ($10.00 ea); Pentagram w/Chain ($8.00 ea); Rosary ($5.00 ea); Coffin Nails (3/set) ($5.00 set).

~ Order and Contact Information ~

Online at: Email at:
By Mail: P.O.Box 1, Lafferty, OH 43951 By Telephone: (740) 968-3366

   We Accept: Visa, Master Card, Checks & Money Orders.

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